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Rajanna (Telugu Film)

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"Rajanna" releases Dec. 23.
  • United States

    Annapurna Studios has churned out a stirring blend of the love for one’s country, for one’s family and historic traditions in a compelling new film, “Rajanna.” The film stars Nagarjuna and is slated to open in select theaters across the United States, Canada, and India and in other parts of the world Dec. 23.

    The film’s story and charismatic title character were inspired by real life freedom fighter and poet Suddala Hanmathu’s story, who led a dramatic fight against the tyranny of Zamindars and Razakars at a time when Hyderabad’s Nizam state had yet to join the Union of India. 

    Rajanna is written and Directed by Vijayendra Prasad and stars Akkineni Nagarjuna, 

    Sneha, Shwetha Menon and Ajay.  Acclaimed Director S.S. Rajamouli choreographed the action sequences of the film, which has music by M.M. Keeravani.

    The music released worldwide Nov. 26.

    Rajanna is a production of Annapurna Studios and is being distributed by Annapurna Studios International, Inc. their US-based film distribution subsidiary. 

"Rajanna" Release Date: Dec. 23.
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