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MythBusters’ Cannonball Accident Rattles Community

An imprint of the cannonball which traveled over 900 yards from a bomb range.
  • DUBLIN, Calif., United States

    “MythBusters,” a popular television show that conducts scientific experiments, offered their apologies after a 30-pound cannonball accidentally misfired and bounced out of control from a bomb range, causing damage to an Indian American home and an unattended vehicle here Dec. 6. 

    The Shetty and Gill families are just two of the three families affected by the cannonball incident. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. 

    The Gills’ (the family asks that their first names be excluded) minivan sustained several damages. Prior to the incident, Gill took the family minivan to pick up his son from school. Just five minutes after he and his son exited the vehicle, a large-sized cannonball ended up crushing the car’s windows and dashboard, he told India-West. 

    Gill didn’t know what had happened until his neighbors complained about individuals throwing rocks in the area. 

    “My kid was sitting in the vehicle five minutes before the cannonball would have hit. I just picked him up from school and went back to the house. A couple of minutes later, my neighbor came and told us that someone broke my window. I went to take a look, and decided to call the police right away,” Gill said. 

    The cannonball traveled approximately 900 yards away from the Alameda County Sheriff’s bomb range.

    “‘MythBusters’ came to our home, apologized, and gave us an insurance number to fix the car. They are going to either replace or fix the car. They are still doing an investigation. It’s amazing and very lucky that nobody got hurt from it,” Gill’s wife told India-West via phone. 

    Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from “MythBusters” visited the families the day after the accident to offer apologies and assess the damages. 

    Savage even tweeted about the incident saying, “It’s true, a cannonball got away from a ‘MythBusters’ experiment in Dublin, Calif. Nobody hurt, thank goodness. Jamie and I toured the damage.” 

    The purpose of the experiment was to figure out whether a manmade cannonball could break the walls of a castle. 

    The Shetty family suffered the most damage to the interior and exterior parts of the home. 

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the cannonball damaged the Shettys’ front door, and created a hole through a wall as well as a hole near the master bedroom.

    India-West’s efforts to reach the Shetty family were unsuccessful. However, curious residents and afternoon joggers near the home shared their thoughts and concerns about the cannonball accident. 

    “The accident was pretty scary because my daughter often plays in that area with the neighbor’s daughter. Usually, a lot of kids play in the cul-de-sac. This is the first time we’ve ever heard about something as bizarre as this happening. I had just come back from work when I heard about it,” Alka (who wishes to exclude her last name), a resident of Dublin, told India-West. 

    The pavement near the Shettys’ home also contains a permanent embossed design of the cannonball. 

    “Everything has been stopped at this point; there is nothing that is going on by any film crew,” Sergeant J.D. Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office told India-West via phone. 

    “The final report hasn’t been done. The range has been effectively shut down until further notice, with the exception of emergency detonation,” said Nelson, adding that a total of three families have sustained damages. 

    “MythBusters” has often conducted several scientific experiments in the Bay Area with no issues whatsoever. The incident sparked much curiosity and shock for police, residents and cast members of the show. 

    Discovery Channel and Beyond Productions released a statement last week notifying the public of the incident that occurred during the “MythBusters” filming session: “During the testing, a cannonball took an unforeseen bounce. No injuries were reported, but damage was reported in one Dublin home and one parked car. Beyond Productions is currently assessing the situation and working with those whose property was affected.”

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