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A Professional's Code for Making Good Impressions

Being well-groomed shows that you care about yourself and your co-workers.
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    Do you give your professional image the importance it deserves?  Physical appearance, body language, dress, manner and voice, are just a few attributes that are vital when making good first impressions.   Follow these simple rules to help enhance your image while exerting confidence:

    1. Take the high road and tell the truth.  This should be the way of life, especially in the workplace.  Trust is the most important element in building a winning team.  

    2. Never compromise your integrity.  When you make a commitment, follow through.  Never make promises you cannot keep.  Instead, practice the gentle art of saying “no”.

    3. Always respect the opinions of others.  Avoid rumors. Remember the old saying, “Those with little minds discuss other people.  Great minds discuss new concepts and great ideas.”

    4. Getting ahead in your career requires that you show the same courtesy and consideration to everyone.  In your career, you will meet significant people: superiors, middle management and support staff, including those in various other positions. Everyone deserves your equal attention.

    5. Do not brag.  Let others take note of your accomplishments.  Continuously talking about yourself can be boring to others. Furthermore, bragging is actually a way to compensate for a low level of self-esteem.  

    6. When someone compliments you, accept it in a gracious manner.  Always say “thank you,” and do not diminish the value of the compliment by arguing or disputing what has been said.  Try giving more compliments to others.  Be sincere.  Your compliments will make others feel better about themselves and feel more self-confident.  In turn, it will make you feel great, too.

    7. Communicate. If you have a problem with your co-worker, talk to them. Put your ego aside and resolve the conflict if you need to get ahead in your career.

    8. Avoid pointing out an individual’s mistakes in a group setting.  This humiliates them, makes them lose face.

    9. Keep your personal life personal.  Discussing your recent divorce, problems with your children or parents, is of no value to others.  The same information could be used against you when it is time to be considered for a promotion.

    10. Being well-groomed shows that you care about yourself and your co-workers.  The way you dress is a reflection of who you are in the inside.  The way you dress sends messages about you to others and influence the way you and others act.  How you present yourself can have a significant impact on your life.  

    11. Name dropping is rude.  People who name drop often don’t feel validated with their own accomplishments and have low self-esteem. If your social position is newly acquired, you will give yourself away by frequently mentioning your prominent friends and acquaintances.  

    12. Presenting a powerful, professional business image includes incorporating good manners as a part of everyday life.  Being well-mannered is a sign of good upbringing. People who are successful and effective in their careers not only develop an expertise in their field, but also seem polished in both appearance and behavior. Remember, good manners don’t cost anything.

    Finally, your image is powerful; it speaks volumes about you even before you utter a single word. Your image reveals your personality.  You have total control and capacity to extend your sphere of influence over everyone you meet. Project a powerful image every time you meet someone. 

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