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UV News Media & Communication Limited’s ‘3 Bachelors’

Sharman Joshi and Raima Sen in “3 Bachelors.”
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    Two “young bachelors” and a third “young at heart” bachelor form the trio of protagonists of the comedy starring Sharman Joshi, Raima Sen, Riya Sen, Manoj Pahwa, Manish Nagpal, Himani Shivpuri and others. The music is by Daboo Malik.

    Mischievous Amit (Sharman Joshi) and shy Jai (Manish Nagpal) are two small-town boys who come down to Mumbai for admission in Dhariwal College. Amit ends up in trouble when he teases Neha (Raima Sen) and Nisha (Riya Sen) on the very first day of college and manages to drag poor Jai into this mess too. But their biggest problem is that they do not get a room in the college hostel.
    Not being affluent, the boys can’t just go to a hotel or rent a furnished flat for the duration of college. They employ the help of an estate agent, who finds them a client who rents out a room in her house at a low budget, but with the caveat that no single men are allowed, only families or married couples. 
    Jai is transformed into “Jaya” and Amit is her lucky husband. When the tenant couple goes to meet their landlady, they stand dazed to find out that it is their college principal, Shalini Devi. Shalini Devi has two nieces — the same Neha and Nisha.
    Now starts the real confusion of romance and love. Amit falls madly in love with Neha, but she of course doesn’t look at him — because according to her, he is married. Nisha falls hard for Jai in college without knowing that he is playing wife “Jaya” to Amit.  Jai refuses to indulge her advances as he wants to sincerely concentrate on his studies and make his parents proud.
    The whole college is exasperated with Principal Shalini Devi’s autocracy and strictness, so both Amit and Jai involve their professor Deepak Verma in a crazy plan: they encourage Deepak to have an affair with Shalini. They think that love can change everything, and if Shalini falls for Deepak, then maybe she will turn loving towards the whole world in general.
    And then comes a crisis – for all three “couples.” The film releases Jan. 13.
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