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‘LPNY’ a Fresh, Breezy Comedy: Ali Zafar

“I’m strongly against smoking in real life,” insisted Ali Zafar in an interview with India-West.
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    Fans of musician and actor Ali Zafar will go head over heels this weekend when “London Paris New York” hits theaters.

    The romantic comedy from Fox Star Studios stars Zafar along with Aditi Rao Hydari as a pair of lovers who meet once a year over eight years in three of the world’s most beautiful and romantic cities.
    “It’s a very New Age film, a fresh, breezy take on love and modern romance, and the way it’s been shot has been handled very well,” Zafar told India-West.
    The Pakistani pop sensation-turned-movie star has also appeared in “Tere Bin Laden,” “Luv Ka the End” and “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.” Zafar is now at work on a remake of “Chashme Buddoor,” to be directed by David Dhawan. The young artist is all over this new film, he said.
    “In ‘London Paris New York’ I have also given the music. I got to be the musician, the singer, the lyricist and the actor — the full experience,” said Zafar. But asked which artistic direction he’d choose if he could only choose one, he refused to be pinned down.
    “I’d like to make really good music and really good movies, you know? I’d like to play my part — as cliché as it may sound — to make the world a better place than it was when I entered it,” he told India-West Feb. 28 from India, where he was gearing up for the Mar. 2 release of the film.
    In one promotional photo for the film, the muscular Zafar is shown at a hotel window, taking a drag on a cigarette. With the recent controversy over a proposed smoking ban in Hindi films fresh in viewers’ minds, not to mention the widely criticized “Smoking is Injurious to Health” text that was scrolled on screen during “Agneepath” in January, the issue of smoking in films is not going away. 
    “I’m all for a ban on smoking in films,” Zafar told India-West with a laugh. “I don’t smoke, and I’m totally against it in real life.” 
    “The thing is, there are a lot of bad things in the world, right? But you can’t not show them in movies,” he said. “Killing people is bad. But if the story has it that people are being killed, then in a film like ‘The Departed’ should guns should also be banned?”
    Zafar is upbeat about the film’s prospects among young viewers, but he also put in a plug for Bollywood film fans outside of India — NRIs who are as comfortable in London, Paris and New York as they are in India.
    “I think it’s going to be a fantastic experience for NRIs, especially, to watch this movie. They’re really, really going to relate to it. They get to see all these beautiful cities and the culture; every city has its own atmosphere,” Zafar told India-West.
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