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Roberto Cavalli to Open Stores in India

Roberto Cavalli logo
  • MUMBAI, India

    Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli will enter the Indian fashion market this year. Launched in the early ‘70s, Roberto Cavalli group is one of the most renowned brands in Italy and worldwide. 

    “This is the right time to enter Indian market. It is growing in every direction; economically also it is growing. We are here to present our line of fashion and Café in India,” said Gianluca Brozetti, CEO, Roberto Cavalli. 

    “We are the first fashion brand to enter Indian market. Others have come up with accessories and other stuff, (but) we would have our Roberto Cavalli fashion line for women, men and children. We would offer (our) clothing line, accessories, eyewear, etc. Also, we would have our café here,” he said.

    The brand will reportedly have two stores in India — in Delhi and Mumbai — by the end of this year.

    “In Delhi, it would be a flagship store, which will be launched by June-July, while the Mumbai store would come up within six to eight months,” said Brozetti. 

    Both, Mumbai and Delhi, will sport a Roberto Cavalli fashion store and café each. 

    Talking about the pricing of the Italian brand in India, Brozetti said, “We would keep it affordable here. But due to a high import duty, it may be expensive.”

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