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PM Hails SPG’s Contributions

  • By PTI

  • Apr 02, 2012
  • NEW DELHI, India

    Lauding the Special Protection Group for excellence in discharging its duties, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday assured the elite force full support to upgrade itself in terms of technology and training to meet new challenges posed by “new-age terrorists.”

    Addressing the 27th Raising Day of the SPG, Singh said terrorism had acquired new forms and new shapes and was now often driven by a “bold and educated class of terrorists.”

    “While security forces are seen and known and their actions are mostly predictable, the new-age terrorists are invisible and possess far greater capability to create networks for sharing knowledge, skills and resources,” he said.

    Noting that terrorists’ use latest technology as a force multiplier, Singh said the security environment in the country today was also impacted by a large number of external factors which were not really within its control.

    “It is, therefore, of critical importance that the SPG should continue upgrading itself continuously both in terms of technology and training,” he said.

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