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Senators Working on Bill to Allow More Visas for Indians

Sant Singh Chatwal (c) with Harry Reid (l) & Chuck Schumer. (SnapsIndia photo)
  • NEW YORK, United States

    Amid Indian IT firms' concerns over restrictive U.S. visa policies for their employees, a top U.S. senator has assured that he is working on a bipartisan bill that will reform immigration laws and allow more Indians to come to the U.S.

    Influential senator from New York Chuck Schumer and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met Indian American hotelier and chairman of Indian-American Democrats Sant Singh Chatwal at his Manhattan hotel here March 23.
    During the nearly hour-long meeting, the three discussed India-U.S. bilateral relations, with Chatwal raising concerns of Indian IT corporations regarding problems faced by them in obtaining work visas like H-1B and L1 for their employees.
    Reid and Schumer expressed appreciation for the contribution made by the growing Indian American community to the American economy, saying concerns regarding the visas are being addressed and taken care of.
    "I am working to try and change the immigration laws so more Indians can come (to the United States). One of the things that Harry and I care a lot about is changing the visas. So more Indians can come here to travel," Schumer told PTI after the meeting.
    He said while Indians, Chinese, and Russians are keen to come to the United States, "the visa laws are a little bit too restrictive so we are working on a bipartisan bill. Harry Reid is going to try to help us get it passed very fast."
    Chatwal said Schumer assured him that concerns of the Indian firms regarding work visas for their employees are being taken care of and that more visas would be issued to Indian businesses and corporations for their employees.
    He said Schumer is keen that more Indians come to the United States not only on work visas but also as tourists, thereby contributing to the economy here.
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