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New Paradigm Tour: ‘Veda, Consciousness, The Ramayana, and the Self’

John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist. (New Paradigm Tour photos)
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    The Maharishi Foundation and the Global Peace Initiative will host a tour featuring well-renowned guest speakers, scientists and entrepreneurs who will discuss their findings about science and spirituality, beginning this month and through the month of May in various cities.

    The tour, “A New Paradigm: Veda, Consciousness, The Ramayana, and the Self,” will discuss ways in which the sounds of the Veda and the Ramayana serve as “blueprints of the mind, body and universe.”

    Neuroscientist and researcher Tony Nader will serve as keynote speaker during the tour. He will deliver presentations like “Embodying Totality” and a supplementary presentation titled “Introductory Seminar on the Ramayan in Human Physiology.”

    “Vedic sound heals the body by vibrating on the same wavelength of the constituents of the body. One can transform the physical and be in perfect harmony and balance from the mental level from the consciousness level,” Nader told India-West at a press conference.

    The tour will center around three main themes and topics of discussion, one of which will focus on Nader’s book, “Ramayan in Human Physiology.” Nader’s book explores various characters and elements in the ancient Ramayan text while connecting the experiences to human physiology.

    Nader explained to India-West his spiritual awakening journey after learning from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

    “What I’ve learned from Maharishi is to realize that science now has one more seed which it can take under its wing and that is the field of spiritual or non-physical, or non-material and how it expresses itself in the universe,” he said.

    The tour will also include a live video presentation featuring 1,000 Vedic pundits chanting the Veda in Iowa. The Hartford Financial Services Group former CEO Ramani Ayer has also been invited as a guest speaker and will deliver a presentation on “Enlightened Leadership and World Peace.”

    Ayer has practiced Transcendental Meditation for decades and is an advocate of programs that carry the ancient tradition of meditation and spirituality.

    “Through this tour, we are hoping to reach more and more of the people who have been following Maharishi’s footsteps as well as members of the Indian Diaspora to see how we can expand the interest in Maharishi’s vision and support,” Ayer told India-West at a press conference.

    “I think there is nothing better to do than making it possible to change the destiny for all mankind,” he said.

    Other speakers include John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist, among others. Video conference guests include film director David Lynch and family members of Ramanand Sagar, creators of the Ramayana series.

    The tour will take place at various venues in San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver, Iowa, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit


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