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Deutsche Bank’s Anshu Jain Is ‘George Clooney of Banking’

Deutsche Bank’s co-CEO-elect Anshu Jain
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    The banking industry makes it a regular practice to hand out the accolade of “George Clooney of Banking” to one of its own, and the newly designated star on the banking horizon is Deutsche Bank’s co-CEO-elect Anshu Jain.

    In a recent online poll by the U.K.-based Financial News, 36.2 percent of respondents voted for Jain as the banking sector’s equivalent to the Hollywood actor.

    Finishing second in the online ballot with 33.8 percent of the votes was Andrea Orcel, who is leaving Bank of America Merrill Lynch to become co-head of investment banking at UBS.

    Dow Jones columnist Vivek Ahuja pointed out that Germany’s daily Bild newspaper once referred to Jain as “the cricket player with George Clooney charm.”

    Born in Jaipur, Jain has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Delhi and an MBA in finance from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

    After he founded and led the securities industry’s first dedicated hedge fund coverage group at Merrill Lynch, he joined Deutsche Bank in 1995, leading a unit focusing on hedge funds and institutional derivative coverage.

    Since 2002, he has been in the Deutsche Bank Group Executive Committee and until his new posting led global markets and was joint head of the corporate and investment bank.

    Jain has been in the news lately as the high-profile successor to Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank, who was the first banker to be compared to Clooney, according to Financial News columnist William Wright. Ackerman received just 3.9 percent of the votes for fifth place in the latest poll.

    Clooney, according to media reports, is up for consideration for the part of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs in a new film. If he gets the part, he might consider calling on Jain for tips on one aspect of Jobs. He was, like Jain, a vegan.


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