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Comeback Kid Karisma Kapur Calls 'Dangerous Ishhq 3D' a ‘Bold’ Movie

A poster of “Dangerous Ishhq 3D,” starring Karisma Kapur.
  • MUMBAI, India


    The first look of Reliance Entertainment’s, DAR Motion Pictures’ and BVG Films’ “Dangerous Ishhq 3D” at Mumbai’s PVR Juhu cinema Apr. 4 saw the media putting on 3D glasses to watch a saga of love that travels back many lives and centuries. The Vikram Bhatt-directed romantic thriller releases May 11. 

    Written by Amin Hajee with cinematography by Pravin Bhatt, this is Vikram’s and his dad Pravin’s second foray into 3D after the sleeper hit “Haunted 3D” last year. As of now, these are the only two Indian films that have been actually shot in 3D, rather than being converted later after being shot in 2D.

    Starring Karisma Kapur in her comeback role with Vikram protégé Rajniesh “1920” Duggal, Jimmy Sheirgill, Divya Dutta, Aarya Babbar (all of whom were present on the occasion), Sameer Kochchar, Ruslaan Mumtaz and Gracy Singh, the film has dialogues by Girish Dhamija with Abbas Ali Moghul in charge of the action. Himesh Reshammiya tunes lyrics by Sameer and Shabbir Ahmed with Kuldip Mehan as editor. Michael Flax is the stereographer and Christan Kroitor the Digital Imaging Technician with Tom C Hall as 3D Rig Technician. EFX (Prasad) is in charge of Special Effects and DI.

    Vikram Bhatt revealed that this film had been drawn from his own life. 

    “I had a tryst with emptiness that took me on to a path of spirituality and the search for answers. I studied psychic meditation and then the art of past-life regression. I know that all this can sound like nonsense but through someone who went through that fire there is no turning back. This is a film that a lot of us might be living without knowing it,” he said.

    Detailed Bhatt: “I was in Los Angeles when one afternoon I decided to go to a psychiatrist who was famous for past-life regression. I cannot forget that afternoon, despite my initial disbelief in all this. There were some amazing references in my life to 64 A.D. that my father later verified on the Net! Later, I learnt the technique and can now use it on anyone of you if you feel like coming to me! Past-life regression helps us to know what to do in this life and how to undo certain things.”

    When he first approached Karisma to do the role, she was quite indifferent, Bhatt recalled. It was only some years later that he went back to her and she agreed to do the role.

    Karisma looked slim and fit and incredibly like Kareena Kapoor’s younger sister! She said, “‘Dangerous Ishhq 3D” is a bold film and I hope all of you like it. I was not indifferent to the story or Vikram when he first came to me,” she smiled. “It’s only that at that time the most important priorities in my life were my kids and family. All this while, the media, my fans, many friends and my family members all told me that I must work. Later, as my kids grew up and I thought I could take up a film, I started listening to subjects but heard nothing that seemed right enough to make me leave home. That’s when Vikram came back to me with the story and I had two close friends with me when we heard him narrate the script. I was gripped, and when my friends said that if I did not do this film they would never talk to me again, it clinched matters!”

    However, Karisma would not call “Dangerous Ishhq 3D” a “comeback.”

    “I would call it a sabbatical, a brief leave of absence. Like if an employee of this PVR cinema goes on maternity leave and returns you would not say that she is making a comeback, right?” she asked.

    Karisma dismissed a reporter’s question on whether heroine-oriented roles had come back. “I have mostly done heroine-centric roles!” she said.

    India-West asked Vikram Bhatt to state in which way “Dangerous Ishhq 3D” would have been a lesser film if it had not been shot in 3D. 

    “That’s a good question,” said the director at the brief Q & A session. “3D is a story adornment and an immersive experience. The film travels across multiple eras and different settings and 3D makes you experience them as if you are present there. 3D as a technology is no longer about objects coming close to you!”


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