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Reflection: Message vs. Medium

The medium of delivering love is as important as the message.
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    We’ve all done it. We log onto facebook and in the top right hand corner is the little reminder of who is celebrating his/her birthday. You proceed to click on the box, write a small birthday message to all the people who appear on the list and carry on with your day without giving it much further thought…In today’s world of facebook and sms’ing, our walls and phones are lit up with Happy Birthday messages, many from those we hardly speak to, only because you appeared on their facebook notifications. But how much does that message really mean, especially from someone whom you haven’t really spoken to since high school and probably never will?

    That brings us to the topic of this post – looking at the message of love, but more importantly the medium by which it’s delivered.  There was a time when people would think long and hard before saying those 3 special words ‘I love you’ and it really meant something. Yet in today’s world, has it become too easy to tell a person how you feel and has the message become cheapened as a result of the medium we use to deliver it by?

    It’s ironic that you’re reading this post on a blog for an online dating site where people are looking to meet others online. However, even with, we encourage our members and users to take things ‘offline’ after the initial introductions to allow you to connect at a deeper level. Don’t get us wrong – the internet is GREAT for meeting people from all around the world or even someone down the street for that matter. It’s important to add a personal touch to whatever you do and always keep in mind whether the message is appropriate given the medium.

    What does this mean for you, our TwoMangoes users?

    Don’t do a brain dump of your entire life story in your first 2 -3 messages.

    Get to know a person a little better over the course of a few messages, back and forth and then share that story of “the broken off engagement” over coffee in person.

    Above all else, save those really special thoughts that you want to share with someone for a phone call or in-person meeting.

    Just because it’s easy to type something to someone, doesn’t mean that you don’t put the same amount of thought as you would when speaking with them. So make the effort to make your communication more personal and reap the rewards.


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