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TNT Shooting Pilot for Sanjay Gupta’s Novel

Sanjay Gupta (r) is the author of "Monday Mornings"
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    While most Americans know Sanjay Gupta as CNN's Emmy Award-winning chief medical correspondent, the Indian American is also the author of “Monday Mornings,” his first novel which he describes as a "peek behind the curtain" at what really happens in a hospital. There are chapters that are downright chilling, with surgeons operating on the wrong side of the brain, for instance. 

    The book's title refers to when physicians at "Chelsea General" in suburban Detroit gather for their weekly "Morbidity and Mortality" meeting — a time to discuss and analyze what went wrong in recent surgeries, a private meeting Gupta says is held at most hospitals. 
    According to USA Today, the idea for the book came from his years as a neurosurgeon. 
    "I write things down a lot. I take a lot of notes. And then I realized there were some unbelievable stories there," said Gupta, who also realized many of them were about the relationship between physicians and their patients.
    "I wanted people to understand what happens in a hospital when there's a mistake. Bad things can happen to good people."
    Shooting for “Chelsea General,” a TNT pilot based on Gupta's novel and starring Alfred Molina and Ving Rhames, began earlier this month. The executive producer is David E. Kelley, best known for “Boston Legal,” “Chicago Hope” and “Ally McBeal.”
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