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Ashwin Sah Places Second in Mathcounts Nationals

Ashwin Sah.
  • PORTLAND, Oregon, United States

    Stoller Middle School student Ashwin Sah placed second in the 2012 Raytheon Mathcounts National Competition last month. 

    Sah, a seventh-grader at the Beaverton school, won the individual title along with $6000. 

    The Indian American was among the top 12 mathletes vying for the title but fell just short during the one-on-one countdown round. An eighth-grader from Indiana won the competition, which took place in Florida. 

    To win, students must correctly answer story problems, geometry and other advanced math questions during timed events. 

    About 224 middle school students from across the nation and U.S. territories competed. 

    Sah was among four Oregon students who advanced from the state to the national competitions. The others were all from Meadow Park Middle School: Andrew Bai, Akshay Pulavarty, and Raghav Prakash.

    Also in the national competition, the Mathcounts team from Massachusetts captured the title of national team champion, of which Niket Gowravaram was a member.

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