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PBS Documentary on ‘Masterpieces of Islamic Art’

An artist in Pakistan works on a pietra dura work. “Masterpieces of Islamic Art,” which showcases masterpieces of Islamic art and architecture, will premiere on PBS July 6.
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    A new PBS documentary will seek to enlighten the public about Muslim identity and culture by exploring the many facets of its art.

    “Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World,” narrated by award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, will premiere July 6 on PBS stations nationwide.

    This 90-minute film takes audiences on a global journey across nine countries and over 1,400 years of history to present the stories behind the masterworks of Islamic art and architecture. 

    “I believe all viewers, Muslim and non-Muslims alike, will be pleasantly surprised with what our film uncovers,” Alex Kronemer of Unity Productions Foundation said in a statement. “As a window into an often misunderstood culture, this film has the ability to be a real catalyst for understanding and perhaps offer a new perspective on Islam’s values, culture and lasting legacy.” 

    Viewers of “Islamic Art” are presented with a kaleidoscope of exquisite works of art — from the opulent Taj Mahal of India to the written word in the form of Arabic calligraphy with master calligraphers such as Mohamed Zakariya. 

    “A common theme linking each of the showcased works is the way each piece of art is so different from the next, exemplifying not only the beauty, but the diversity within Islamic cultures,” said a spokesperson.

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