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Zee Launches Supernatural Series, ‘Fear Files’

A still from “Fear Files.”
  • MUMBAI, India

    The venue was selected for its aptness – a vintage Parsi (or was it colonial?) downtown bungalow with a sprawling, unkempt garden – for the launch function of Zee’s latest serial, the supernatural “Fear Files,” which takes off June 30 at 2230 hours IST and will be aired Saturdays and Sundays. 

    Of course, there were ghosts in the dark garden, and smoke emanating from various hidden outlets for hours, and happily the interior of the hall was air-conditioned, which was welcome, given the humid climate of the city.

    Sukesh Motwani, Fiction Programming Head, Zee TV, explained the difference between a standard TV horror series and “Fear Files.” The new show is based on real-life experiences of the paranormal, whether as reported in the media or personally experienced and narrated by normal people, from cities, towns and villages around the country. The show is being also shot in real locations, often at the supposed sites where things happened, come Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Goa, Kolkata and more. 

    Said Motwani, “Every city, town or village has its stories of haunted houses, inexplicable happenings even happening to skeptics, and we have got together all such sagas. There are a couple of stories where 90 percent of the base is what happened in real-life and the idea is not to propagate superstition or belief in black magic but look for possible and plausible explanations for what happened.”

    Helping the scripting time will be a panel of three paranormal experts, from which Dr. Mehra Shrikhande, an ophthalmologist from Pune who is interested in the subject, is a consultant and author, was present at the press-con. The doctor was a part of those guiding the scriptwriters about what could be the explanations for the stories, which helped the team complete the fictionalized part of the stories.

    Also present at the meet were Majid and Deepak from Dreamz Images, who have produced the show along with Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe Films. 

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