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Kejriwal Justifies Targeting Pranab Mukherjee

  • By PTI

  • Jun 29, 2012
  • AHMEDABAD, India

    Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal on Friday refuted suggestions that Pranab Mukherjee was named among the 15 "corrupt" ministers only because he became the UPA's presidential candidate.

    "We announced the list on May 26 and at that time Pranab Mukherjee's name was not decided at all," he said, addressing a press conference here.

    However, he reiterated the Team Anna's stance vis-a-vis Mukherjee, calling him "tainted.”

    "It is very sad that a person against whom not one but four serious charges of corruption were leveled is likely to be the next president of our country," Kejriwal said.

    "There are allegations against our prime minster. We had submitted a list of corrupt ministers in the Cabinet, 162 MPs from Lok Sabha and 39 from Rajya Sabha are corrupt, and now we will get a tainted president," he said.

    "When we submitted the list, the Congress president rejected it, terming it as baseless allegations. And the prime minister also rejected our demand,” he said. “So once Pranab Mukherjee becomes the president, there won't be any inquiry against him.”

    "We have decided that if the PM does not accept our demand of SIT (to probe corruption allegations against the ministers), we will start a nation-wide agitation from July 25. Myself, Manish Sisodiya and Gopal Roy will sit on a fast under Anna Hazare's guidance and lakhs of people across the nation will come out on the street," he said.

    Kejriwal was here to support an agitation against allotment of community grazing land at Lavad village in Gandhinagar District for the Gujarat government's proposed Raksha Shakti University.

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