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World Gujarati Conference - 2012 - Chaalo Gujarat

  • Monmouth Junction,New Jersey

     Press Note: 


    AIANA roars for the World Gujarati Conference 2012 – “Chaalo Gujarat”, preparations are in full swing in New Jersey:


    Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

    July 7, 2012


    Under the theme of “Gujarat, Gujarati Gujaratism”,  New Jersey once again is set to revisit Gujarat  when the Association of Indian Americans in North America (AIANA) will hold their third “Chaalo Gujarat - World Gujarati Conference 2012”  on August 31, September 1 and 2, 2012.  As many as 45,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to attend the three-day extravaganza under one roof at the famous Raritan Expo Center in Edison, New Jersey.  Giving details of the event during a Curtain Raiser event and a Press Conference in Ahmedabad on June 26, 2012, AIANA President, Sunil Nayak, said “it will be a memorable event and we want to showcase Gujarat of its glorious past, the enterprising present and the bright future. The event will be quiet different as compared to the earlier two ventures. This will be a unique event to showcase Gujarat”, he exclaimed.  Some of the highlights for the event will be virtual tour of Gujarat, cultural programs, poetry and literature, trade shows and exhibitions, laser show, seminars and conferences, fashion, fitness and life styles, performances by the celebrities, music and dance and business connect.


    Sunil Nayak, visionary dynamic community leader, prominent businessman and the Chief Architect of WGC 2012 – Chaalo Gujarat event mentioned that the preparations are in full swing. One of the highlights of the event will be a three-dimensional film on Gujarat in Gujarati and will be screened for the first time on a giant screen.  Besides that a multimedia show, seminars on different subjects, a pageant for Gujarati girls “Miss Gujarat”, famous Gujarati Dayro, musical entertainment and mouthwatering delicious authentic Gujarati cuisine will be some of the highlights of the event.  According to Mr. Nayak, the

    World famous Lions from the forest of Gir will come back with a roar and has been highlighted in every brochure, pamphlet and publicity material. The key to the success of the event is to popularize the best 2-letter Gujarati word “Kem Cho” as universal greeting all over the world.  It will be a 3-day event, in 3 dimensions and the third edition of “Chaalo Gujarat”, said Mr. Nayak.  He also added that “we plan to unite those Gujaratis born in Gujarat and flourished all over the world”.


    During the event it has been planned to take the people on a virtual tour of the state of Gujarat, sitting in New Jersey looking through the eyes of a kaleidoscope. This will include not only the Gujarati cuisine but 15 auto rickshaws from the roads of Ahmedabad and world famous Chakdas from Saurashtra are being shipped to the Raritan Center. These rickshaws and chakdas will ferry people from the parking lot to the main concourse and during its short journey it will halt at places for the vendors to sell the famous peanuts as seen on roads of Gujarat”.  Besides that a 30-feet tall wooden charkha—popularized by Mahatma Gandhi will also be run all throughout the 3-day event. According to Mr. Nayak, the main gate will have a 12 feet high replica of the famous Rudramala Gate of Patan. Besides that, plans are also in place to have 10 people dressed exactly like Mahatma Gandhi and will be riding the Harley Davidson motor bikes in front of the floats during the Independence Day Parade in New York and on Oak Tree Road. The idea is to send a message that Gujarat and Mahatma Gandhi have come to Manhattan, Mr. Nayak explained.  To cater to the entertainment of the crowd, there are plans to have kiosk of famous Gujarati songs and a karaoke lounge.  One of the highlights of the event is life-size statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel specially designed by a Chinese company on the lines of Madam Tausaud museum.


    According to Mr. Nayak, the aim of organizing the event is “to unite and discuss business, education, culture and social issues, health – spiritual and entertainment issues along with other topics affecting the Gujarati community. The pioneering aim is to bring Gujaratis settled all over the world under one roof for three days and revive the spirit of Gujarat.”  According to Mr. Nayak,  “it is for this very reason that the event has a logo which to some extent resemble the specks of Mahatma Gandhi, but it also look like the umbilical cord which signifies that the people who have gone out still has contact with their motherland.  Some of topics for the seminars include debate on cardiology, healthy life style, role of young Gujaratis in Government, the good and bad impact of internet, the glorious past and bleak future of Gujarati films, increasing price of properties in Gujarat and if that could enable to fulfill the dream of having a another home in Gujarat, the role of Gujarat in Global warming and if it is a global warning. Besides that the recent taxation changes for having foreign exchange and a host of other topics which affect the common Gujaratis settled all over the world. As per his plans to make the event a success, Mr. Nayak has decided to dispatch teams comprising three members to six other countries including UK, UAE, Australia, Germany, South Africa and Canada to familiarize the Indian community and Guajratis in particular about the event and if possible to come and attend the 3-day festivities.  Not to leave any stone unturned, Mr. Nayak is planning to bring in material from India through nine containers and special cooks are being flown from Mumbai and Gujarati to tingle the taste buds of the attending people. This 3 day event will have speeches from political, entertainment and spiritual leaders, captains of business and industry with conferences closely tucked in between.  Steps are also being taken to give local Gujarati talent to show case their abilities. A contest has been announced to for a young Gujaratis with a combination of intelligence, beauty and talent for a title and crown of “Miss Gujarat USA” – A Pageant of the 21st Century.  The contest and  registration information, rules, terms and conditions are available on


    According to Mr. Nayak, the exhibit floor has been designed in such a way that people visiting the arena will pass through specially constructed tunnels which will start with what Gujarat was, what Gujarat is today and what will be the future of Gujarat. It will also enact Shunya thi Shristi Na Sarjan Sudhi—so far as Gujarat was concerned, he added.  Apart from that dance troupe from Lester in UK which won the heart of the people during the last outing here would also perform this year. Along with that the handicap girls from Manthan group near Gandhinagar which were the heartthrob of the thousands who admired their talent last time would once again showcase their abilities. Handicap children from Gujarat would also add glamour to the event and show case that the physical difficulties were in no way hampering their overall performance in life.  Special care is also being given to the security at the venue with new state-of the art gadgets ensure that the people enjoy the event.


    Expected total cost for 3-day extravaganza, is somewhere around $ 1.1 to $ 1.5 million.   Efforts are being made to ensure that personalities like Sam Pitroda, Zubin Mehta, Mukesh Ambani, Pankaj Udhas, Paresh Rawal, Nitin Mukesh and several other prominent Gujaratis from U.S. make it to the event.  The entrance fee will be $45 for three days per person which include food.  The tickets are available on event website at by secured check out with Pay Pal and also will be available at local Indian businesses in Edison, Jersey City and South Brunswick and Cherry Hill in the near future.  Information and interaction on Gujarat and the event is also available on Chaalo Gujarat page on Facebook.  Dedicated, loyal, diverse and enthusiastic team members of the AIANA USA and India are working extremely hard to bring three days of extravaganza in New Jersey to display one of the best show cases of Gujarat in the world. 



    Report By: AIANA USA Media Team



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