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Student at Shantiniketan Forced to Drink Urine

  • By PTI

  • Jul 09, 2012

    The warden of Patha Bhavan hostel of Visva Bharati University in Shantiniketan who allegedly forced a girl student to drink her own urine to “stop a bad habit” has been arrested on a complaint by the father.

    The warden of Karabi Girls’ Hostel, Uma Poddar, has been arrested for compelling the student, who wet her bed, to drink her urine squeezed from the bedsheet on Saturday night, Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Bolpur Prasanta Chowdhury said on Monday.

    The girl’s father, a resident of Mokrampur village, had lodged a complaint with the Bolpur police station. He had rushed to the hostel that night and taken home his daughter.

    The Visva-Bharati authorities had on Sunday formed a four-member committee to look into the matter and submit a report. University sources had claimed the warden made the girl lick the bedsheet she had wetted and not forced her to drink her urine.

    The sources had claimed that the girl had wet her bed earlier also and that she was ill. The warden had told the distraught mother of the student that what she did was “treatment to stop a bad habit.”

    Meanwhile, the girl's parents were also arrested on a counter complaint of trespass lodged by the university authorities, the SDPO said. The charge against the warden was wrongful detention and intention to infect with a disease, while the mother and father of the girl were charged with trespassing and intimidation. All three were on Monday produced before the Bolpur court which granted them bail.

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