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Jealousy, Greed Prompted Tak to Kill Laila, Family

Actress Laila Khan and five members of her family were murdered in February 2011, police determined after killer Parvez Tak admitted to the crime July 11.
  • MUMBAI, India

    Stepfather Parvez Tak eliminated Bollywood starlet Laila Khan and five members of her family as he did not like their continuing proximity to her mother's second husband and the family's decision to relocate to Dubai made him feel abandoned, police claimed July 11 after months of speculation about Khan’s whereabouts culminated in the gruesome find of human remains hear her family home.

    The interrogation of Tak, a small-time contractor from Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir, unfolded a saga of jealousy, deceit and greed, chief of Mumbai police’s crime branch Himanshu Roy told reporters here.

    Tak, the third husband of Laila’s mother Shelina, said he wiped out the entire family due to its continued reliance on Shelina’s second husband.

    What further irked Tak was the fact that the family was in the process of disposing of their properties before migrating to Dubai.

    On the fateful night of Feb. 7 last year, Tak had a heated argument with Shelina (age 51) at the family’s farmhouse in Igatpuri near Nashik, after which he hit her with a blunt object, causing her death.

    As other members of the family — Laila (30), elder sister Azmina (32), twin siblings Zara and Imran (25) and cousin Reshma alias Tulli — came running down from the first floor, Tak called accomplice Shakir Hussain Wani to help him kill them.

    Chief Roy said crime branch units had recovered six skeletons from a pit at the Khans’ farmhouse. The skeletons were covered with blood-soaked mattresses, clothes and stones to ensure they were not pulled out by wild animals. The skulls had severe ante-mortem fractures.

    Tak and Wani, after murdering the family, used diesel from a generator to set ablaze a portion of the farmhouse to destroy evidence, Roy said.

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