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Mukherjee’s Native Village Celebrates

  • By PTI

  • Jul 22, 2012
  • MIRITI, West Bengal, India

    Celebrations erupted in West Bengal's Miriti village as its son Pranab Mukherjee won the presidential election on Sunday, with joyous residents dancing to the beats of local “dhaks” (traditional Bengal drum) and bursting firecrackers.

    “Pranab Babu is our pride,” said one of the banners put up near the gates of the house, where he conducts Durga Puja every year.

    In fact, with Mukherjee expected to win by a comfortable margin, the celebrations began in the morning even before counting was taken up. Huge flexi-boards were put up outside his ancestral house “Mukherjee Bhavan,” congratulating him.

    Songs specially written for the occasion were sung and there was beating of dhaks outside the house. As news of his win reached them, people played with colors and took out a procession.

    Mukherjee Bhavan will be decorated with lights and a community feast held tonight in honor of Miriti's most celebrated son.

    At Kirnahar, where Mukherjee's sister Annapurna Banerjee and her family stay and he puts up during his visits, arrangements were complete to light up the house with candles and lamps.


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