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Security Beef-up in Bangalore Ahead of Eid

  • By PTI

  • Aug 19, 2012
  • BANGALORE, India

    Bangalore is deploying 17,000 policemen to ensure peaceful observance of Eid on Monday, and also to provide protection to Northeast people who have been fleeing the city in the wake of rumors of attacks on them.

    “In all 17,000 police personnel are being deployed for peaceful observance of Eid festival and to provide adequate security to north-eastern people here,” Police Commissioner Jyothi Prakash Mirji told reporters in Bangalore.

    Three companies each of CRPF and RAF, 25 KSRP (Karnataka State Reserve Police) platoons and 35 CAR platoons, 1,500 trainee policemen and 500 home guards are also being deployed.

    “We are expecting another 100 Home Guards by this evening,” he told reporters here.

    Pickets would be posted and round the clock patrolling done to maintain law and order, he said, adding peace committee meetings have been held with various communities, who have assured cooperation for peaceful observance of the festival.

    Home Minister R. Asoka has held meetings with businessmen, hoteliers, shopkeepers and public who have assured “food, shelter and security to the people from the Northeast,” he said.

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