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Physician Kalpana Pandit Makes Debut in Bollywood

Physician Kalpana Pandit, who appears in the film “Janleva 555,” also served as a judge of the Mrs. America Pageant, which was held in Tuscon, Ariz., Aug. 29.
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    Dr. Kalpana Pandit, an emergency physician at a hospital in Benson, Ariz., and busy multilevel marketer, has produced and starred in a Kannada film called “Jo Jo Laali,” which aims to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

    She also plans to make her Bollywood debut in “Janleva 555,” said a spokesperson.

    In addition, the spokesperson added, Pandit was selected as a judge of the Mrs. America pageant 2012, which took place Aug. 29 in Tuscon, Ariz.

    “Kalpana claims to have a great passion for entertainment and cinema. This led her to set up her own multimedia banner dubbed ‘House of Pandit’ in 2010, which saw its first film made on the sensitive issue of HIV/AIDS awareness,” said the spokesperson.

    Directed by Sandeep Malani, “Jo Jo Laali” starred Pandit and screened July 25 at the XIX International Aids Conference in Washington, DC, he added.

    “Janleva 555,” set to open Oct. 19 and also directed by Malani, is described as “a mystical musical romantic thriller with a love story that spans generations.”

    According to the spokesperson, “a percentage of profits from ‘Janleva 555’ will go to the cause of cobra bite prevention and treatment in remote villages of India.”

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