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Obama Invites Indra Nooyi for Consultation on Economy

Indra Nooyi
  • WASHINGTON, D.C., United States

    President Barack Obama has invited at least three Indian Americans, including PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, as part of his wider consultations with leaders from business, labor, civic community and Congress on the current economic crisis.

    Neera Tandon, president of the Center for American Progress, an eminent U.S. think-tank based in Washington, and Deepak Bhargava from the Center for Community Change are the other Indian Americans to have been invited by Obama for consultations, a White House official said.

    Obama this week will meet leaders from the business, labor, progressive and civic community, as well as congressional leadership, to have discussions about the best ways to move the economy forward and find a balanced approach to reduce the deficit, the official said.

    "On Tuesday Obama will attend a meeting with labor and progressive leaders. On Wednesday, the president will meet with leaders from the business community," the official said.

    Tandon and Bhargava have been invited to attend the White House meeting with Obama Nov. 13 along with other business leaders.

    Obama has invited prominent American CEOs for consultations on Wednesday.

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