Solar panels implemented by Amplus Solar stand on the roof of the Yamaha Motor Co. plant in Surajpur, Uttar Pradesh. The Japanese motorcycle maker wants solar power to supply a quarter of energy needs at its northern Indian factories near Delhi, according to company executives. (PRASHANTH VISHWANATHAN/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

NEW DELHI – Amplus Energy Solutions Nov. 30 announced it has successfully bid to supply rooftop solar power at an all-time low tariff of Rs. 3 per unit in an auction conducted by the Solar Energy Corporation of India.

"In a move that will offer cheapest power from solar rooftop plants, Amplus Energy Solutions has won a bid to install 14.5 MW of solar rooftop plants across 10 states. The tariffs offered are at a record low of Rs. 3/unit in three states and Rs. 5.3-6.2/unit in other states in India. Tariffs are fixed for 25 years," Amplus said in a statement here.

The Rs 3 per unit tariff is unprecedented in Indian rooftop solar sector that has drastically reduced pricing dynamics, it said.

According to Amplus, it won the bid under the 500 MW rooftop grid-connected scheme in different states floated by SECI.

Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Puducherry will get solar at Rs. 3 per unit, while others such as Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra will get the same at Rs. 5.56 per unit, Rajasthan at Rs 5.38, Haryana at Rs 5.76 and Punjab at Rs. 6.20, it added.

The capacities bagged by Amplus under this bid are Maharashtra (3MW), Rajasthan (2MW), Punjab (2MW), Karnataka (2MW), Haryana (2MW), Himachal Pradesh (1MW), Madhya Pradesh (1MW), Uttarakhand (0.5MW), Puducherry (0.5MW) and Chandigarh (0.5MW).

Solar rooftop plants will be identified and installed on buildings of NGOs, educational institutes, hospitals, trusts and not for profit companies, among others, in these states, it said.

These projects would help in CO2 savings of 5,00,250 million tons, or reduced consumption of 36,97,500 barrels of crude oil, which will be equivalent to planting 6,23,500 trees over their entire life, the statement added.

Commenting on the development, Amplus Energy Chief Executive Sanjeev Aggarwal said: "With this win, we will be able to offer solar power at unprecedented prices to deserving consumers."

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