Heal Scores $20M in New Investment Capital

Heal, an innovator and market-leader in doctor house calls, announced it has closed $20 million in additional funding, bringing the company’s total capital raised to more than $69 million. Heal will use this new capital to pursue new markets, explore new business models and advance their technology. "Over the last three years, we’ve re-established unhurried, relationship-based house calls as a gateway for cost controls and improved outcomes throughout the healthcare industry," said Heal co-founder and chief medical officer, Dr. Renee Dua. "Now it's time to realize the full potential of Heal to truly reboot the U.S. healthcare system for patients, providers, and payers,” the Indian American executive added. Since its March 2015 launch, Heal has delivered over 60,000 house calls and driven healthcare cost savings of over $41 million, compared to traditional care alternatives. "We aren't going to fix U.S. healthcare by cramming more people into waiting rooms or further distancing doctors from patients. The revolution of Heal is in the fundamental change in focus from quantity to quality, delivered by qualified and caring doctors, in your home," said Heal co-founder and CEO Nick Desai. Having recently expanded its coverage area to include Sacramento and the Inland Empire, Heal is now available to over 70 percent of California residents, and to most residents in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. (See earlier story in India-West here.)

UCAR, Skymet Partner, Boost India Weather Forecasting

Boulder, Colo.-based University Corporation for Atmospheric Research has announced a new partnership with Skymet Weather Services to provide India with more detailed and accurate weather forecasts. The $1 million agreement will enable Skymet to use a customized version of the DICast system, which is described as a pioneering automated weather prediction technology developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a news release said. People across India, including tens of millions of business executives, farmers and emergency workers should benefit from improved forecasts, bolstering business competitiveness while providing vulnerable communities with early warnings of floods and other disasters, UCAR said.

Indian Billionaire Backs SuchApp

The overwhelming success of SuchApp's strategic partnership with the Billionaire Society has prompted Prashant Mehta from India's prestigious Mehta family to invest significantly in SuchApp, a blockchain messenger and all-inclusive 5G ecosphere. The Mehta family has offices in New York, London, Antwerp and Mumbai and have been pioneers in the diamond industry for more than eight decades. Prashant Mehta is managing Hallmark Diamonds, the largest diamond wholesale company in the world since 1999. "We think that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has the power to enrich the lives of businesses and individuals in a number of different ways," said Mehta. "SuchApp is unique in that it uses blockchain technology to bring real value to everyday people. Once released, we believe that SuchApp has the power to not only increase communication between friends and family, but help Indian business and entrepreneurship grow to record levels." Added SuchApp CEO Ronny Shany, "We are excited to partner with the Mehta family and are grateful for their assistance in helping further mainstream blockchain adoption. With SuchApp, users enjoy a previously impossible messaging experience while being able to buy and sell goods and services using SPS tokens directly inside the app without having to go through third-party services like cryptocurrency exchanges." SuchApp is an all-in-one social platform that supports 4K streaming and recorded video, text chats and VoIP communication between two or more parties. It also has a number of business tools to help small and large businesses implement marketing campaigns, loyalty reward programs and customer service initiatives.

Lions of Illinois Foundation Inducts Austin Prabhu

District 1A held its annual new governor and trustees installation and cabinet awards ceremony at Skylite Banquets in Berwyn. New Governor-elect Howard Swacker was installed by past council chair Steve Anton. Dr. Austin Prabhu, district trustee elect for the Lions of Illinois Foundation, was installed by past international director Dan O’Reilly. Prabhu has been elected as the secretary of the Lions of Illinois Foundation by trustees from 10 districts unanimously. His term run to June 2020. Lions of Illinois Foundation is the biggest financially stable foundation in the United States with close to $12 million in endowment funds, according to a news release. They have several projects for the visual and hearing impaired. Also, they have touring buses for hearing and eyesight testing which visit communities in all over Illinois. They recycle used eyeglasses, ink cartridges, pop tops, keys and used hearing aids. Every year they collect millions of used eyeglasses and provide them to lions when they go on medical mission in under developed countries, it said.

MetLife Foundation Partners with Kiva

MetLife Foundation has partnered with Kiva, a global non-governmental organization, to support entrepreneurs around the world through an employee engagement campaign. As part of this program, a fully funded $25 million loan has been allocated to each of MetLife’s 23,000 employees in Asia to help entrepreneurs start, sustain and grow their businesses. After successful campaigns with MetLife employees in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, the program has now come to Asia. To help achieve this mission of building financial inclusion globally, MetLife Foundation has committed $200 million in grant funding over five years with the goal of impacting the lives of more than two million people. Since launching in 2005, Kiva has facilitated more than $1.1 billion in microloans by connecting a growing global community of 1.7 million lenders to 2.8 million entrepreneurs across the world with 81 percent of loan recipients being women. As Kiva borrowers repay their loans, the money can be re-lent to other entrepreneurs, multiplying the impact of every dollar and providing more communities with access to fair financial services. “MetLife was founded on a simple and powerful insight that everyone needs access to the right financial tools to pursue more from life,” said Premal Shah, Kiva’s president and co-founder. “We are proud to be a part of MetLife’s efforts toward that vision. Through this partnership with MetLife Foundation, they are backing the dreams of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, expanding financial access and empowering MetLife employees to take part directly in that mission.

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