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Former dean of Kellogg School of Management and INSEAD Dipak Jain has said in a China Daily report that he believes those who want to learn about business will be heading to China. The 61-year-old Indian American business guru will become European president of the China Europe International Business School in November. (ceibs.edu photo)

Dipak Jain, the European president-designate, professor of marketing and global adviser at the China Europe International Business School, and former dean at the Kellogg School of Management and INSEAD Business School, said in a recent China Daily report that those who want to learn about business now also want to come to China, as well as Europe and the United States.

The 61-year-old Indian American business guru will become European president of CEIBS in November.

"If you have an interest in understanding China, how the Chinese think and how the country's economy has become the second largest in just 30 to 40 years, then what you will get at a business school like CEIBS, you will not get at Harvard," he said in the report.

Jain, one of the most respected and well-known figures in business education, says the new role will give him the opportunity to study a country that, so far, he has seen mainly from the outside, the report added.

"I use the term of being endogenous rather than exogenous to the system. You can always make observations from the outside but when you are part of an institution, you see firsthand how people think, how they execute (decisions) and how they build an organization," he noted to the publication.

Jain, who was speaking at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Beijing before addressing an event, said CEIBS is increasingly attracting foreign students to its courses.

Some 22 of the 180 students on the school's flagship M.B.A. course this year will be from North America and Europe—up from 18 out of 179 in 2017.

"We are targeting any individual who has an interest in China. Someone who might want to work here and perhaps try and create something here; an individual who is trying to build a bridge between this part of the world and anywhere else. This to me is the real CEIBS thing-leaders who have an interest in China or the region."

Jain, who still lives in Chicago but works in Shanghai 10 to 15 days a month, has been teaching marketing at CEIBS since September last year when he took on the president-designate role.

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