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Karnataka Information Technology, Biotechnology and Tourism Minister Priyank Kharge and Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (l-r) Oct. 30 signed a sister-state agreement to promote friendship and economic cooperation between Indiana and Karnataka. (Eric Holcomb/Twitter photo)

Indiana and the Indian state of Karnataka have signed a sister-state agreement, promoting friendship and economic cooperation between the two.

The memorandum of understanding signed by Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and Karnataka Minister of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Tourism Priyank Kharge commits the states to work together, where feasible, on issues such as workforce development, academics, information and communications technologies, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, agriculture, automotive and aviation, according to a news release.

"Today, we laid the groundwork for closer cooperation, and I look forward to our future collaboration as we work to advance business and educational opportunities to serve Hoosiers and the people of Karnataka," Holcomb said in a statement.

The governor added that, as the first Indiana leader to visit India, he was “thrilled to work with the Karnataka government to establish a sister-state relationship with one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced states in India."

Kharge was pleased with the development of his state and Indiana.

"It was pleasure to have hosted @GovHolcomb for the signing of cooperation in academia & technology exchange with Indiana," he tweeted following the signing.

Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state, is home to major tech companies Infosys and Appirio. Both companies recently announced plans to locate large segments of their U.S. operations in Indianapolis.

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