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It is possible to become a second citizen of a country with dual passport programs. However, there are some bad apples in the game which are giving a bad name to the whole idea. Following, we are going to describe the benefits and risks of having the Second Passport.

It is Legal to have multiple Citizenships?

This is both legal and safe to have multiple citizenships. If you are a citizen of one country, you will have legal papers for your company, and a passport is among such important documents. As a citizen of two different countries, you will need to have two passports and driver licenses.

You will also need the social number or Identification Card of Both Nations.  Safely keep all legal documents of both countries.

What Do You need to Understand about Multiple Citizenships?

Many countries will deny dual citizenship. However, many countries accept second citizenships, for, i.e. France. They show more tolerance towards another citizenship.

Benefits of Traveling with Dual Citizenships

Dual citizenship can be looked down upon for a considerable amount.  Second citizenship means you won’t have to deal with the same restrictions of a Visa.  

You are allowed to stay in the respective country for as long as you want, unlike visa where you have severe restrictions and have to renew your stay from time to time.

Travelling with Two Passports

People with dual passports tend to have them during their travel.  If you have failed to take one of the passports with you, you would be considered a foreigner in the country. Therefore, you will have a lot of trouble at travel.

If you have multiple citizenships, then you need to keep track of your passports when you travel. You will need to show the passport when you check your luggage at the airport, so yes you will need to have both passports, during the flight. Once you reach the country, then you can carry only one for proof of nationality.

Is it Worth It?

Most people believe that second citizenship programs or having more than one nationality is a gamble and they shouldn’t take it. Thanks to the intricate security system, online databases, and holograms, travelling on a fake passport is nearly impossible. Breaking through these many layers of security is hard.

But you shouldn’t be afraid when you invest in second citizenship through the legal way.  There are many experiments of people trying to obtain citizenship through less than legal ways.   This attempt doesn’t always end on good terms, and the applicant has to pay a huge price.

The price of a forged passport is not any lower than the real one. The only attraction is quick processing or if the applicant was denied through the conventional way. But we will agree that there is a black market for this, and it has a client base.

But more steps are being taken to differentiate between original and fake passport, and to improve the overall security of dual citizenship holder travellers.

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