A screenshot of the different functionalities of the app, such as calling an Uber or Lyft to attend various events. 

Amar Bhakta, CEO of 7 Islands Holding Company, a technology and entertainment based in Chicago, Ill., is currently working on a new app, PingMe, which features a unique platform for people to connect with like-minded individuals living in the same area.

According to the Indian American entrepreneur, PingMe’s idea is to meet friends that you didn’t know you had, all living in about a one-mile radius around you. For people who have just moved into a new area, it aims to connect you and accustom you to the new neighborhood. It also helps introduce people who are using the app and are looking for events to attend or even explore a new hobby.

The app notifies you if there is an event happening in your area that you might be interested in, by way of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

The app works in real time and will even help users find an Uber or Lyft.

Bhakta, who previously lived in Los Angeles, worked in the entertainment industry prior to becoming an entrepreneur. He is currently undertaking the PingMe project with his friend from high school, David LaPoint.

The company, which made its official launch in January, had been started and developed years ago. PingMe also received one round of funding by investors. Currently, it has a strong user base, multiple downloads, and is working on expanding interest in the United States and eventually expanding to India.

Next for PingMe is expansion domestically and internationally, with a focus on good targeting. The app is also looking to soon come to Android platforms.

When asked about his experience working on PingMe, Bhakta told India-West, “The journey has been tough. We constantly ask ourselves, ‘Will it succeed?’ All the sleepless nights have been worth it as we are finally able to get this off the ground.”

Additionally, Bhakta said that through this journey he has learned a lot, such as how to build a company, about corporate structure, learning to code and managing company finances. 

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