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Kamal Kaur, founder of DaVinci11. (LinkedIn photo)

Indian American siblings Kamal Kaur and Gurbaksh Chahal have received the Punjab government’s approval to test the Kaur-founded DaVinci11’s Whisper Network Protocol in the state.

DaVinci11 is a company that claims to be the world’s first artificial intelligence big data marketing cloud company. Its Whisper Network is a blockchain technology developed by Kaur and Chahal, according to a Hindustan Times report.

Chahal is coordinating the project from the U.S. He said in the report that the Punjab government is keen to run a pilot project for the Whisper Network Protocol so it can be at the forefront of the latest blockchain technology that works on an AI platform.

“There is zero probability of fraud. We tested it in digital marketing and received favorable results,” Kaur, whose company with branches in 15 countries uses AI to anticipate what consumers want, said in the report.

In town to see whether Mohali fits the bill, Kaur, a Stanford Business School graduate with stints at Yahoo and Samsung, said she was pleasantly surprised to see “the new Punjab,” according to the publication.

“Though our parents come from Punjab, it had never struck us as an IT destination,” she told the publication.

In a two-day visit, the report said that Kaur was impressed with the software technology park and the Indian School of Business at Mohali.

The fast-paced innovation in emerging technologies, especially AI, will have a dramatic impact on the job sector, Kaur noted in the report.

She added that all cashier-related jobs will be automated in five years, while driverless cars will render taxi drivers redundant in 10.

“The challenge is to see how countries ride this wave,” she told the publication. “Every company in the Silicon Valley is populated by Indians. Why can’t we set up a Silicon Valley (in Punjab)?” she asked.

The siblings said for a Silicon Valley presence to be attained in Punjab, it would need a strong infrastructure and skilled manpower. Kaur noted that her brother is ready to move back to India to retrain manpower for the project, the report said.

“We need to tweak our education system so that the focus is on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math),” she said in the report.

The Whisper Network, Kaur noted, aims to solve the challenges of scalability plaguing the adoption of blockchain by digital giants.

The industry currently faces the challenges of achieving decentralization, security and scalability. The Whisper Network protocol is focused to develop the fastest blockless ledger, which will establish transparency, remove middlemen and provide true accountability to enable a framework that can be used by any sector, the report said.

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