Sacha Cosmetics: Empowering Women with Natural Makeup

Shivani Maharaj has expanded her parents' company, Sacha Cosmetics, into the United States with a storefront in Artesia's Little India. Sacha Cosmetics aims to provide "fabulous" natural-looking makeup to women everywhere.

By Parimal M. Rohit, Special to India-West

What once started out as a mom and pop operation in the West Indies in 1978 to bring out a woman’s true natural beauty has found its way to a new storefront location in Artesia’s Little India, with Shivani Maharaj hoping to replicate Sacha Cosmetics’ success in the Caribbean here in the United States.

Carrying the torch passed on to her by her parents in Trinidad, Maharaj is reaching out to women young and old here in the United States by introducing them to a unique line of makeup products that highlight their natural beauty without having to spend too much time or money.

With foundation formulae that match the skin tones of each individual user, Sacha Cosmetics is crafted specifically for women who have busy schedules, be it going to the office, taking care of the kids or maintaining a hectic social life, Maharaj said.

Her mission, Maharaj told India-West, is to empower women. “We want them to know they can look more naturally beautiful without altering their appearance. Everything we do is natural and that’s what separates us from everyone else,” she said. “Our product is for everyone.”

Pointing out that most mainstream makeup lines are impractical and are usually crafted for purposes other than everyday use, Maharaj said that Sacha Cosmetics developed a “Seven Minute Makeover” that fits a woman’s busy schedule.

“We don’t have time to get up every day and put on makeup and spend a half-hour like a makeup artist would do. So we’ve developed a formula that is so easy anyone can do it. You can go from your wakeup face to your before-coffee face…in seven minutes,” Maharaj said, adding that the “Makeover” features everything a woman needs to do her makeup.

Maharaj believes the “Seven Minute Makeover” is what will ultimately give her the inside track on changing how women put on makeup. Just as her parents have done in Trinidad, Maharaj will be offering classes here in Southern California by the end of June, teaching women how to “look fabulous” in only a matter of minutes.

Unlike other mainstream makeup products that use red- or orange- based formulas, Sacha Cosmetics uses a yellow-based formula that allows women to create individual palettes and products that can conform to an individual’s unique skin tone.

Maharaj, who visited the company’s factory regularly as a child and played with the lipsticks, nail polishes and mixing foundations that were developed, said that she, her mother and other family members personally test all of Sacha Cosmetics. By doing so, Maharaj believes the company maintains a high level of integrity while their products are as user friendly as possible.

Opening a Sacha Cosmetics’ storefront near Bhindi Jewelers on Pioneer Boulevard in Little India in April, Maharaj is planning another store in Irvine.

Located at 18500 Pioneer Boulevard, Suite C, in Artesia, Sacha Cosmetics offers products for eyes, face, foundations and lips. The entire makeup line is Halaal friendly.


Leading Sacha Cosmetics from the Caribbean into the United States and beyond, Maharaj is deeply connected to her family business and hopes to see it expand into India and the Middle East.

“I’ve basically been born into it. Ever since I can remember, every year of my life, I’ve been there. I know how everything is made,” Maharaj told India-West.

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