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Promo for Trump Tower in Gurgaon, India. (screen grab of YouTube/Tribeca)

The developers of a Trump Tower in Gurgaon, India, have offered a meet-and-greet with Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, to the first 100 buyers of luxury apartments.

The buyers of the apartments at the fifth Trump Tower in India will be flown to the U.S. to meet the president's son, saying, "Buy a flat, meet Trump Jr.," according to a The Guardian report.

One former White House ethics counsel described the offer as an “ethics atrocity,” according to the report.

“Making Donald Jr. available to those who can afford it in a foreign land based on purchasing a property is an ethics atrocity,” Norman L Eisen, who served as a special counsel for ethics in the Barack Obama administration and is the chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said in the report.

“Access to the first family should not be for sale. It’s particularly inappropriate because we know he is in constant communication with his father, so it does create a conduit to attempt to influence the president and one of his closest confidants and family members,” Eisen added in the report.

Eisen's concerns were reinforced by the way the deal was promoted by Amit Kumar, the senior manager of Tribeca Developers and one of the Indian partners involved in the real estate project.

"It will be a fantastic experience for the residents to be flown in to the U.S. for a special evening with Donald Trump Jr. It will be a sit-down dinner and the evening program will last four to five hours," Kumar told The New York Times. "If someone has money and also wants a lifestyle to match it, what better than a Trump Tower? And then add to it the chance of meeting the first family?"

The specifics of the meeting with Trump Jr. were unclear but the offer was repeated on a news broadcast featured on the developer’s website, the publication said.

The launch of an “ultra luxury” residential project in Gurgaon, a hub for IT workers south of Delhi, was announced recently by two of the Trump Organization’s Indian franchisees, M3M Tribeca Developers, the report added.

Reportedly 20 apartments were sold within a day of the launch.

CREW cited reports in the Indian media of developers involved with the Trump Organization claiming prices in Trump-branded buildings had risen by up to 18 percent as a result of his presidency.

Trump promised the month he won office that he would divest himself of his businesses, but has left control of his real estate holdings to his sons Donald Jr. and Eric – in spite of warnings from ethics lawyers that the arrangement does not sufficiently extinguish potential conflicts of interest.

Trump Jr. is expected to visit India as part of the promotional campaign for the Gurgaon towers before March of this year.

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