Luins Williams

Reggie Benjamin with Moreno BHLV creator Luins Williams. Both Benjamin and Williams worked together on creating the "Reggie Benjamin Champagne" bottle. (Parimal M. Rohit photo)

Artesia Calif. — A slice of Hollywood lifestyle was celebrated in the heart of Artesia’s Little India over the Labor Day weekend, as actor-singer Reggie Benjamin appeared Aug. 30 at the Tangy Tomato restaurant on Pioneer Boulevard to launch and promote his new brand of champagne.

Officially called the “Reggie Benjamin Special Edition Bottle,” the new champagne distributed by Moreno Beverly Hills-Las Vegas is now available for purchase for $20.

About 100 people including many Indian Americans attended the launch party here in Artesia, each trying a glass of Benjamin’s champagne with several Indian appetizers, including samosas and chicken tikka.

Benjamin told India-West his branded champagne aims to reflect a high level of class and sophistication.

“When I was approached to start this new line it was fascinating because champagne has its class. The champagne was great and I wanted to be part of something classy and great,” Benjamin told India-West. “I try my best to be as classy.”

In addition to being classy, the “Reggie Benjamin Champagne” is also community friendly. According to Benjamin, a portion of the sales will support a charitable organization.

“The reason I would tell people to buy this champagne is: 1) it is very good, and 2) a portion of the proceeds go to the Save Our Girls Foundation,” Benjamin told India-West.

As for how the “Reggie Benjamin Champagne” became a reality, the actor-singer said he was approached by Moreno BHLV to become the face of the bottle.

“The owner of the Moreno BHLV Champagne company had approached me and asked me if I’d like to be a face of the champagne, and after not too long I see my face on the bottle,” Benjamin told India-West. “It really truly is an honor. How many people can say they have their face on a great tasting champagne.”

The actor-singer added that being the face of a champagne bottle definitely complements his career.

“This is a career booster just in the mere fact that my face will be seen all over. I recently signed with one of the biggest talent agencies called Paradigm, which also represents Andy Garcia, Fergie, Aerosmith, Black Eyed Peas, and now me,” Benjamin told India-West. “I have been offered television and film roles and made an appearance on an Emmy nominated soap opera, ‘The Bay.’”

Originally from Canada, Benjamin is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and founded a record label called Club 2X Records. The music video for his debut single, “Hurry Up,” was filmed in 2001 at the Playboy Mansion. His maiden recording album also released in 2001; three years later, Benjamin released a second album.

In addition to starring as Aleem in “The Bay” earlier this year, Benjamin also appeared in a television documentary series, “Teens Wanna Know,” as himself in 2013. He also appeared as himself in the 2003 television series “Celebrities Uncensored.”

Benjamin added that his champagne could be found at local stores as well as on the Moreno BHLV online store ( – search for “Reggie Benjamin”).

More information about Benjamin, including his background and career as a singer and actor, could be found on his own Web site.

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