The American Society for Quality recently named its 2018 Fellows with a pair of Indian Americans among the three honorees.

Alka Jarvis of Cisco Systems and Abhijit Sengupta of Washington, D.C., were named as Fellows by ASQ; José Carlos Flores-Molina of Peru was the other.

“ASQ Fellows are leaders in their industries and in the quality community as a whole,” said ASQ chair Elmer Corbin in a statement. “These individuals are champions of quality, working to make the products and services we rely on better.”

Jarvis was named a Fellow for exceptional leadership in development of ISO standards activities in U.S. TAG to ISO/TC176; for outstanding accomplishments in developing, promoting and starting the Best Practice Center of Excellence at Cisco and implementing quality management principles at Apple; and for contributions in the quality profession work as a practitioner, consultant, university educator, author, auditor and presenter, according to ASQ.

Sengupta was named a Fellow for sustained contributions in the theory and application of reliability and quality control in the nuclear power industry; for long-time service to the ASQ certification process and extensive publications in support of reliability-based thinking; and for continuous dedication to ASQ at the local and division levels, the organization said.

Jarvis, who has been with Cisco since 1995 as well as an ISO TC 176 member for quality management standards since 1997, previously served in quality roles for Charles Schwab and Apple earlier in her career.

Sengupta, who serves as a vice chair in the ASQ Energy and Environmental Division, has been an investigator in the Washington, D.C., area for the federal government for a decade.

Fellow membership status is awarded to individuals who are ASQ members in good standing and meet certain criteria, including at least 15 years of quality-related experience; achieve requirements across six professional categories; are sponsored by peers and endorsed by their ASQ section or division; and have been an ASQ Senior member for five years or longer.

ASQ currently has nearly 650 active Fellows who represent diverse industries on a global scale.

Jarvis, Sengupta and Flores-Molina will be recognized prior to ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement in April.

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