Jumani hit-run

Aspiring neuroscientist Shariq Jumani was critically injured in a hit-and-run accident June 5 near Columbia University in New York. An online fundraiser has quickly amassed $273,000 to help support numerous surgeries and the long road to recovery. (gofundme photo)

An aspiring neuroscientist from Karachi was critically injured in a hit-and-run June 5 near Columbia University, New York, where he is a sophomore.

Shariq Jumani, 19, was walking through an intersection at 12:30 a.m., when a driver with a suspended license barreledinto him and then fled the scene. Jumani was rushed to nearby St. Luke’s Hospital. A battery of tests determined Jumani had sustained severe brain trauma, fractured both bones in both his legs, and had internal bleeding in his abdomen.

The young Pakistani – proclaimed a “rising star” by his friends – has since undergone open brain surgery, abdominal surgery, and orthopedic surgery for his fractured legs. He still needs many more surgeries, said his brother Shehryar Jumani, on the gofundme fundraising platform.

The gofundme page, created by Shehryar, has quickly amassed $273,000 since it went online June 10, to support the costs of Jumani’s additional surgeries and medical care.

“Although the injury was life-threatening and he remains in critical condition, Shariq has been fighting for his life over the past several days, and we are seeing nothing short of miracles in his improving condition each and every day,” wrote Shehryar Jumani on the gofund me page, adding that he was astounded by the outpouring of support for his brother.

“At this point, doctors are confident that he will wake up and live to tell the tale of this horrific accident and one day regain most, if not all, of his capabilities,” wrote Shehryar Jumani.

“This kind of freak accident can happen to anyone, and it is humbling to think how someone’s life, perfectly normal and full of aspirations in one moment, can be completely upturned in the next,” said Sherhyar Jumani.

“But Shariq deserves another chance at fulfilling his dreams, another chance at excelling in his academics and contributing to his university community, and another chance of continuing to make his parents proud. Shariq deserves another chance at living a normal life,” he said, noting that his brother will also require more than a year of intensive mental and physical rehabilitation.

Shehryar described his brother as a perfect 4.0 GPA student, who “acutely cares for those around him.

“He’s joyful and lively and hilariously sarcastic. Talking to Shariq just makes people smile,” said Shehryar Jumani.

Shehryar also noted his brother’s obsessive love for cats, and said – as a young boy – he always wanted to bring home stray cats from around the neighborhood.

The American Pakistan Foundation, which is helping with fundraising efforts, noted that Shariq Jumani is studying on a full scholarship at Columbia.

Upon admission to Columbia, he received the prestigious Science Research Fellowship, awarded annually to only 20 of Columbia's most promising science students, noted APF, adding that he was also awarded a research position for this summer at the Columbia University Medical Center, where he was working on cancer research.

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