A team of college students from U.C. Berkeley, including at least three Indian Americans, have entered the Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition with hopes of addressing fuel efficiency.

The Cal Super Mileage Vehicle Team is comprised of 24 students, including Indian American students Ameya Nilkanth, Kanak Kapoor and Nisha Janyaprayot.

Nilkanth and Kapoor are part of the structure/design group while Janyaprayot is part of the structure/safety group.

The team is exploring innovative solutions to address the growing need for fuel efficiency and sustainable mobility by designing, building and testing a super mileage vehicle at the competition.

It is using an electric battery to drive their custom-built UrbanConcept vehicle because they believe renewable energy is the future of transportation.

The team has completed the design phase of their car and are currently in the building phase, thanks to the support of community members and corporate sponsors, such as Ford Motor Company, that has helped them raised more than $3,500 through crowdfunding.

It is aiming to get their vehicle approved by the DMV once completed so they can drive it on the streets of San Francisco.

The Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition is scheduled for April 27 through April 30 in downtown Detroit. The competition is part of a four-day Make the Future Detroit festival to shed light on bright energy ideas and the evolving energy landscape.

The U.C. Berkeley students are among the 1,000 from across the Americas, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the U.S., who will compete in Detroit.

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