Charges dismissed

Dentist Nikhilkumar Patel has been “fully exonerated,” said the Indian American’s lawyer after the charges against him were dismissed, calling the charges “malicious and scurrilous.”  ( photo)

WORCESTER, Mass. — An Indian American dentist in Massachusetts accused of indecently assaulting female patients during dental procedures no longer faces charges.

Telegram & Gazette reports that charges of indecent assault and battery against 55-year-old Nikhilkumar Patel were dropped Oct. 31 after prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss.

Assistant District Attorney Alyssa A. Kilmurray filed a motion to dismiss saying the complaining witness did not wish to go forward with the trial. Judge Andrew M. D’Angelo allowed the motion, which was not objected to by lawyers for Patel.

Patel, of Shrewsbury, had been acquitted of similar allegations after two jury trials this year.

According to the Telegram & Gazette, one of the dentist’s lawyers, Paul R. Cirel, said after the dismissals that his client had been fully exonerated, as the lawyer had earlier predicted he would be.

Cirel described the charges against Patel as “malicious and scurrilous” and said they would not have been brought if police had conducted a more thorough investigation. He characterized some of the allegations against as “copycat claims” and said the dentist, whose license to practice remained active throughout the court process, was extremely thankful for the support he had received from his family, his staff and his patients, “who stood by him throughout.”

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