Tanika Padhye

Tanika Padhye has announced she is running for re-election in the Redmond, Wash., City Council position 4 race. The Indian American former civil rights attorney is using the slogan, “Run like a Mother,” for her campaign. (Tanika Padhye/Facebook photo)

Attorney Tanika Padhye recently announced her plans to run for re-election for the position 4 city council seat in Redmond, Wash.

The election is the lone two-way race on November’s ballot, in which Padhye will pit herself against Eugene Zakhareyev, according to a Redmond Reporter report.

Padhye, an Indian American former civil rights attorney, was appointed to the post earlier this year.

Using the slogan “Run like a Mother” for her campaign, Padhye, a mother herself, intends to focus her campaign on issues the city faces, such as those that have come from the economic situation the city is experiencing, according to the report.

“With growth comes great challenges and great opportunities,” she said in the Redmond publication.

Padhye, believed to be the first Indian American city council member in Redmond, said will attempt to resolve concerns about affordable housing, increasing traffic congestion, aging community centers and cultural inclusion, if elected.

Specifically, on affordable housing, Padhye said the council should re-examine the percentage of affordable units developers are required to include in new projects. The current level is 10 percent of all new units that must be affordably priced, but affordable is defined as 80 percent of the median income, which is still far higher than many people and families can afford, Padhye said in the report.

“We really need to meet “the demand for affordability, and that it’s truly affordable,” Padhye added in the report.

Traffic issues is intertwined with affordable housing, according to Padhye. Workers who cannot afford to live in Redmond are forced to commute into the city, and workers who drive from communities farther east pass through the city on their way to Interstate 405, the report said.

Among the remedies for congestion include carpooling, buses, bike lanes and public transit, she said in the report.

“We have to think multi-modal, we have to think beyond just being in our cars, we have to give people other solid options,” she told the Redmond Reporter.

Padhye also said she is looking at ways to improve or create new community centers by partnering with public and private entities, according to the report.

“We basically want to make sure that we have the infrastructure for our growing population,” she said in the report. “These are all things that are important to the community and we want to make sure that people have a place to meet.”

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