Mathews Service

A bench dedication and memorial service for 3-year-old Sherin Mathews, an Indian girl adopted by Indian American parents, is planned for Dec. 30. (Love & Justice for Sherin ‘Saraswati’ Mathews Facebook page)

Community members in Texas have planned a Dec. 30 bench ceremony for the 3-year-old Indian American girl who died earlier in the year.

A memorial service for Sherin Mathews is planned in the early afternoon at the Restland Funeral Home and will be followed by a bench dedication and dove release, according to a WFAA report.

The space has been landscaped and provided by Restland as a place for the community to reflect and honor Sherin, the report said.

Sherin had gone missing Oct. 7 after her adoptive father Wesley Mathews punished the young girl for not drinking her milk by putting her outside in the backyard at 3 a.m. (see India-West article here).

After 15 minutes had passed, when the father went to check on her, she was gone. Her body was found Oct. 22 in a culvert not far from the home.

David Turnblad, a family service counselor at Restland, said he was impacted by Sherin's story and knew he had to do something to help with the bench dedication, according to the report.

Turnblad met a man named Gene through the Nextdoor app. Gene had the bench but needed a place to put it, it said.

"The thing that I really like is that Richland Park is a very diverse neighborhood and this crosses all the religious cultural lines, they've all disappeared," Turnblad said in the report. "It's about the community."

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