‘Make Love, Not War,’ the anti-war slogan from the 60’s, has become more relevant today, believe the makers of “The Kamasutra Garden,” a film based on the acclaimed novel of the same name, since everywhere in the world, including the U.S., Asia, Africa and Europe, enmity and disputes based on race, color and religion are increasing daily.

“‘The Kamasutra Garden’ encourages world leaders to recognize that only by promoting ‘love’ we can bring the world together,” the creators of the feature film stated in a press release.

“The Kamasutra Garden,” an English feature film by Indian American filmmaker Riju R. Sam, takes viewers on a journey to a brothel in Nevada where the women are trained in the Kamasutra techniques.

In the 140-minute film, Steve Banks, a successful businessman; an exotic madam, Sheila; and a scandalous sex guru, Swami Kamalesh, team up to start an elite brothel called “The Kamasutra Garden.” What is so unique about this brothel? It is the only brothel in the world where the girls are trained in “Kamasutra,” the ancient art and science of lovemaking. At Banks’ request, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, William, visits “The Kamasutra Garden” to prepare a documentary about the brothel and about the women who work there.

Before his visit to “The Kamasutra Garden,” William had never been to a brothel. Tucked away in a remote desert town in Nevada is “The Kamasutra Garden,” where the women are young, beautiful and appear to be every man's fantasy, said the press release. However, William soon discovers the complex lives and secrets of the women who work there.

The film cast includes Indian and American actors, including Chris Shurley, Claudia Zanolli-Stiles, Bill DeMott, Carole Wood, Jessalyn Gerbholz, Dr. A.V. Anoop, Blesson Mannil, Narayani Mahajan, Grecia Solaman, Rachel Sedory, Chad Johnson and Michelle Rocco.

The film, a production of Dream Merchants Entertainment LLC, an independent media company, is produced by Tampa, Florida-based filmmaker Blesson Mannil and industrialist-social worker-actor Dr. A.V. Anoop.

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