Kailesh Karavadra

Ernst and Young west region growth markets leader Kailesh Karavadra was awarded an honorary fellowship by Bangor University in Wales. 

Indian American executive Kailesh Karavadra, the west region growth markets leader at Ernst and Young, in San Jose, Calif., was recently recognized with an honorary fellowship from Bangor University in Wales.

Karavadra, who was born in Uganda and raised in India and England, earned a master of engineering degree at Bangor University. He received the distinction, which has also been awarded to past recipients such as Sir David Attenborough and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, for services to business and the community, EY said in a news release.

“I am extremely excited and humbled to have received such an honor. My journey has taken me around the world, from Uganda to India, to England, to Wales and now to Silicon Valley,” said Karavadra in a statement. “The most precious lesson I learned during my time at Bangor University is that of being a lifelong student – being inquisitive and eternally curious—and this has stayed with me even 27 years after graduating and been the foundation of my success.”

Each year, the university selects a small number of individuals who have achieved distinction in their chosen fields, and awards them this degree at the July graduation ceremony, EY said.

Karavadra, who has advised some of the world’s leading technology companies based in the Bay Area, began his tenure with EY in the United Kingdom as a chartered accountant before relocating to EY's San Jose office in 1995. He became a partner at EY in 2001.

He has also served as office managing partner in San Jose since March 2012. He was named to his current role in April this year.

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