Janak Joshi, an Indian American former three-term state House representative in Colorado, is running for Colorado Springs City Council District 6. The election is scheduled for April 4. (electjanakjoshi.com)

Former state Rep. Janak Joshi is vying to fill a city council seat in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Joshi, who held the District 16 House seat for three terms before losing out in a June 2016 primary election to Larry Liston, is running for the city council's District 6 seat.

The Indian American Republican said he has good relations with leaders of the state House and Senate, according to a Gazette report.

"I can actually help the city work with the state on issues that would affect us, whether rules, regulations, finances or business issues," Joshi said in the Gazette report. "I can pick up the phone and call any one of them," he said.

Joshi, who ran unsuccessfully for an at-large council seat in 2003, believes his nearly half century of running a private medical practice helped familiarize him with what businesses go through to thrive.

Joshi believes the No. 1 priority for the city is the economy, according to the Gazette.

"The top issue of the city is the economy, because without the economy, we can't have good progress, good community,” he said in a video interview produced by the Gazette. “We have been blessed over the years. We've had a good military presence here, we have good tourism, and also some IT businesses. But with some cuts to the military, we should be prepared for that, and we should diversify ourselves and try to get some other businesses here so that we remain a very vibrant community and it will remain very livable and people will want to move to Colorado Springs.”

A graduate of Gujarat University and the University of Northern Colorado, Joshi also said the city needs to become very friendly to potential new businesses, which he says can be done by introducing red tape, improving the infrastructure and having good schools.

“Government can help with a lot of these issues,” he said.

As an immigrant from India, Joshi said in the report, "I bring a very different perspective, being culturally different and having a very varied background. I have achieved the American dream.”

His goes is to ensure future generations achieve the same dream.

The Colorado Springs City Council election is scheduled for April 4. Joshi will challenge incumbent Andy Pico for the seat.

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