Indian American city councilman in Sugar Land, Texas, Harish Jajoo announced he will seek reelection. The election is scheduled for May 6. (photo provided)

Sugar Land, Texas, City Councilman Harish Jajoo Jan. 5 announced his intentions to seek reelection to a fourth term for his District 4 seat.

Jajoo, who lost out in his quest to become the mayor of the city to Joe Zimmerman last year (see India-West article here:, pledged to the city’s residents to remain an independent voice for the community.

Jajoo, a licensed professional engineer and small business owner, has served on the city council since June 2011. During his time in office, the Indian American has worked on lowering property taxes, restraining spending and improving public services.

He has spearheaded efforts to promote planned growth, upgrade public safety services, develop new parks and bike paths, rehabilitate streets and sidewalks, all while holding down taxes.

Additionally, he was among members who worked to raise the city’s homestead exemption tax rate from 7 to 10 percent, saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

“I have lived in Sugar Land for 32 years. It is where I raised my family, built my life and came to admire its people and to value their friendship,” Jajoo said in a statement. “As a member of city council, I have always worked to be a clear voice for conservative principles and fiscal responsibility.”

According to Jajoo’s statement, he has been most proud of the completion of the city’s world class performance venue — Smart Financial Center at Sugar Land as well as the Festival Grounds and Brazos Park — all in District 4

 “My single goal for Sugar Land has been to see that progress and tradition receive equal attention as we build our city together,” Jajoo added. “Our community’s values are my values, and as Texans we all know that family and community come first in our lives. That has been my guiding principle on council.”

While on the council, Jajoo was elected president of the Texas Association of Mayors, Council Members and Commissioners. He also serves on the board of the Texas Municipal League and was past president of the League’s Region 14.

On the council, Jajoo serves on the Fiscal and Audit Committee, the Integrated Water Resource Planning Task Force, Sugar Land 4B Corporation, Sugar Land Development Corporation and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 4.

Previously, he has served on the city’s Economic Development Committee, Intergovernmental Relations Committee and Compensation Committee. He was also a member of the Transportation Policy Council under the Houston-Galveston Area Council for five years.

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