Serena Mahendru, a ninth grader at Granada Hills Charter High School in Granada Hills, Calif., won numerous awards at the Ice Skating Institute's Holiday Challenge national ice skating competition.

All told, the 14-year-old Mahendru won six awards in the final event of the ice skating competition season, the high school said in a Nov. 21 news release.

The Indian American skater, who also dabbles in tennis while maintaining a full academic course load in high school, is considered one of the top skaters in the country.

Previously, Mahendru won first place in two team categories, finished second in an individual as well as couples category, third in a trio event, and fourth in an artistic individual event, GHCHS said.

To reach her top level, Mahendru spends hours on practice and rehearsal, typically beginning her days at 4 a.m. in advance of her first high school class which begins at about 7:30 a.m.

After a day at school followed by tennis practice, Mahendru hits the rink again — her home rink is in Valencia — or home for school work, according to the high school release.

"Skating is really enjoyable and I feel so accomplished when I practice," she said in the GHCHS release.

Her love of the sport came almost by fluke. The report explained how Mahendru's mother, Sabina Sikand, signed up her daughter for ice skating lessons when she was 6 to prepare for a skiing trip.

Sikand said she thought Mahendru was done with skating once the trip was over but she loved it too much to give up on it.

"She is so motivated. It's all her," the teen's mother said in the Granada Hills High report.

Mahendru's achievement qualified her to compete in the 2017 Ice Skating Institute's World Recreational Team Championships in Anaheim, Calif., competing against some of the world's best skaters.

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