Nirav patel

Pharmacist Nirav Patel lost his bid Nov. 7 to win a seat to the New Jersey State Assembly. (campaign Web site photo)

Indian American pharmacist Nirav Patel lost a difficult race Nov.7 for New Jersey’s 12th district State Assembly seat.

New Jersey has two representatives for each district. Patel – who captured 16,959 votes – lost to winning Republicans, incumbent Ronald Dancer – with 28,745 votes – and Robert Clifton – with 28,047 votes. The other Democrat in the race, Gene Davis, lost with 17,772 votes.

Patel issued no concession speech on his campaign Web site and did not post a statement to his Facebook page.

During his campaign, Patel lambasted outgoing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and claimed the state was going in the wrong direction. He advocated for the New Jersey state legislature to take control of its spending habits, noting the burden to taxpayers in a state that has one of the highest property tax rates in the nation.

“The state government needs to sit down with the municipalities and the counties to ensure a more equitable distribution of funds. Some towns may not need as much funding as others for schools and infrastructure, and we need to ensure the municipalities that need funding receive it,” said Patel in a press statement during his campaign.

In the manner of his fellow New Jersey politicians campaigning for office, Patel stated the need to rebuild infrastructure. “New Jersey is a critical shipping hub on the East Coast, yet we have a crumbling infrastructure,” he said, adding that severe inclement weather also posed a challenge to maintaining infrastructure on the coastal state.

Patel, a graduate of Rutgers University, is a lifelong advocate for increasing access to quality, affordable healthcare, according to his Web site. He also has served as a member of numerous philanthropic and community service organizations.

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