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Abhinav Ashar, a student at Cypress Woods High School in Cypress, Texas. (photo provided)

HOUSTON, Texas — Cypress Woods High School (in Cypress, Texas) senior Abhinav Ashar was one of 70 students selected to attend a highly selective summer entrepreneurship program, MIT Launch, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.

MIT Launch brings together high school students from all over the nation and world each summer to MIT campus to become teenage entrepreneurs.

The experience connects students to many successful entrepreneurial networks and leaders across the MIT campus for instruction and best practices.

Through the program, Ashar and his team — comprising three other students from Brazil, Singapore and Maryland — have developed a product that reduces the number of infant mortality cases linked to a lack of oxygen.

The team has launched a company called LyfeBand, which is in the process of developing an infant wearable that alerts caretakers when a child experiences low blood-oxygen levels from suffocation or some pre-existing illness.

In addition to starting a company, the Indian American youth and his team have also filed for a provisional patent on their innovative technology.

LyfeBand is dedicated to addressing a worldwide problem of “infant asphyxiation” at a low cost. Every year, three million infants die due to preventable causes and the window of opportunity to save an infant is often only four minutes.

The team was put together based on entrepreneurial preferences, so they only met each other after arriving at the program. They went through a series of brain-storming sessions to come up with their idea.

According to Ashar, the best part of MIT Launch was having the flexibility to use MIT resources, labs and network to find a solution. Their team received guidance from MIT and Harvard Engineering professors along with MIT students.

During the development of their prototype, they conducted market research from pediatric specialists and lung specialists in India.

“We believe every life saved is another story told, and our goal is to write many stories and be a part of a bigger one ourselves,” Ashar said in a press release.

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