Los Angeles — At a recent USC Games Day held on the USC campus Dec. 10, Indian American students were heavily represented in the latest presentation of videogames created by the University of Southern California Games Program.

"We have always had many talented Indian students in our courses and on our teams," said Mike Zyda, director of the USC GamePipe Lab.

The collaboration between the School of Cinematic Arts and the Viterbi School of Engineering Department of Computer Science helped make USC the No. 1 ranked game design school in North America in 2014 by The Princeton Review. USC Games hosted two events unveiling student-designed games.

“Every year, we are leveling up the USC Games program, and this year is especially exciting. We have such a range of games— in virtual reality, two screen experiences, mobile and more. I’m so proud of this year’s cohort because they are really stretching themselves and innovating in the field,” said Tracy Fullerton, director of USC Games, chair of the School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media and Games Division and director of the USC Game Innovation Lab.

The GamePipe Laboratory Fall Showcase, also held at the same day, celebrated GamePipe's tenth anniversary and featured over a dozen games.

“Over 1,500 computer science students have graduated from our program and gone on to make games played by over 880 million players. These alumni have helped built games that have made over $45 billion in revenue over the last ten years. It is doubtful that there is another academic games CS program that has had this size of an impact on the game industry,” said Zyda.

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