South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley speaking during the 2016 National Lawyers Convention sponsored by the Federalist Society in Washington, DC on Nov. 18, 2016. The Indian American governor will be felicitated at the upcoming "Asian Pacific American Presidential Inaugural Gala 2017.” (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Eminent Indian Americans from across the U.S. are gearing up to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the U.S. with a presidential ball along with other Asian American community members on Jan. 19.

The only presidential inaugural ball of its kind, among others, would also felicitate Indian Americans who have been nominated by Trump to key positions in his administration.

Prominent among them is South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who has been nominated to the position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, which is a cabinet-level post.

The "Asian Pacific American Presidential Inaugural Gala 2017," being organized by the Trump-Pence Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee and the National Committee of Asian American Republicans, has several top Indian Americans on its leadership team, including Puneet Ahuwalia from Virginia, K.V. Kumar from California, Shalabh Kumar from Illinois, and Harry Walia from Florida.

"The Asian Pacific American Gala is defining statement of our nation’s diverse strength and huge intellectual capital amongst the Asian American communities. Indian Americans should be leading the presidential inaugural celebration as we have the most to benefit with strong U.S.-India relations," Ahluwalia, finance chairman of the gala, told PTI.

"We are leading in numerous fields and it is time we lead in mainstream political activities," he said.

The presidential inaugural gala will be held in the historic ballroom of the Mayflower hotel on the eve of Trump's swearing-in on Jan. 20.

"The Asian American Gala as part of President Trump's Inaugural symbolizes the success achieved by Indian and Asian Americans," said Vivek Lall, who has been a leading U.S. corporate figure working with many governments globally.

"Under the Trump presidency we can foresee a stronger America with enhanced substantial partnerships in trade and active diplomacy across the globe," he said, asserting that U.S.-India cooperation will further deepen on multiple fronts during the incoming administration.

In a statement, APAAC and the National Committee of Asian American Republicans said the inaugural ball will include a celebration with prominent dignitaries and presidential appointees.

Trump, Vice president-elect Mike Pence, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Marco Rubio, and incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus have been invited to the event.

The event, among other things, would include performances from Asian Pacific American communities proudly sharing their rich cultures, a media release said.

"This will be an excellent event that features our national Asian Pacific American leaders who have worked so hard to elect and represent Trump," said Eddie Baza Calvo, governor of Guam and APAAC co-chair, said.

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