Maharashtra INOC

Members of the Maharashtra chapter of the Indian National Overseas Congress USA light a diya at the recent anniversary celebration in New York. (photo provided) 

The Maharashtra Chapter of the Indian National Overseas Congress USA held its anniversary celebration at the Nan King Restaurant in New Hyde Park, New York. President of the Maharashtra chapter Devendra Vora, national executive committee members, chapter heads and Congress supporters from India's commercial hub welcomed guests and shared the INOC’s plans to grow membership and strengthen the chapter.  

Chairman George Abraham spoke to the audience about the Congress Party’s Nehruvian vision and the many venerable Indian institutions built under its auspices. He asked the audience to be vigilant against attacks from the Bharatiya Janata Party government that threaten to undermine India’s democracy. President Mohinder Singh Gilzian discussed challenges the party will face in the upcoming elections and told Congress loyalists that party members needed to come together to fight elements promoting communalism.

Harbachan Singh, secretary-general, praised Maharashtra for its dynamism and the vibrancy of the Marathi people.  As India’s second most populous state, Maharashtra is vital to India’s economy and plays a pivotal role in politics. Singh said the INOC was grateful for its Maharashtrian colleagues and their hard work in harnessing support for the Congress cause. 

Nassau County Deputy Comptroller of Minority Affairs Dilip Chauhan awarded Malini Shah, Devendra Vora, George Abraham and Gautam Sanghavi citations from Nassau County Controller George Maragos' office. The citations honor the significant contributions made to the Indian American community and the promotion of goodwill.

Hema Verani emceed the evening and Sherry Dutta entertained the guests with beautiful songs from Bollywood’s Golden Era. 

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